Campaign against inconsiderate Parking

Cllr. Louise Brice writes: 

Look down your street, around your estate or local shops and you will likely see someone who has parked inconsiderately.  They may be a commuter who doesn't know the road, and so doesn't know their choice of where to park is opposite someone's driveway, or that whilst they can walk through the small gap they have left when they've parked up on the pavement, it is now blocked to a parent with a buggy or to a mobility scooter.  They may not consider, or realise, that by parking on the paved area next to the shops, rather than wait a few minutes until a parking space becomes free, they've blocked a pedestrian crossing, so people now have to cross behind reversing vehicles.  Time and time again I receive messages from residents who are tired of seeing others put at risk due to careless parking.  I would like to see the rest of the country bought into line with policies in London, where residents 'should not' park on pavements - and legal enforcement can take place if they do, with greater powers given to district councils to enforce against poor parking.   Please take our survey to let us know your views.